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The Bletchley Circle

Anyone watching this? I'm just finishing the last ep of the first season, and I'm loving it!

It's a decent mystery, it's got great actresses (tones of great actresses) and it's feminist. Plus, all that spy stuff you know I love...

Fuckety fuck fuck fucking fuck.

I have a list a mile long of things I actually WANT to do and I'm having a RSD relapse and cannot get a damn thing done.

The universe is horribly unfair.

Supernatural fans???

One of our indulgences is the Sunday New York Times. My Dwarf and I know it's a needless expense; we can read most of it online. But we are nerdy paper-loving geeks.

For whoever is interested, if there are still fanatical fans out there on my flist, there is an article in today's Arts section about Supernatural! It has two pics, one of the boys, one of the boys plus Castiel. The article is about the enduring and somewhat perplexing (the the New York Times) popularity of the show.

I don't know if Supernatural has ever even been mentioned in the New York Times before. It's a cute little article - it even mentions fanfic!

I will mail this article to whoever responds. (message me your address if I don't already have it.)

What a week

Started with death. Ended with exhaustion.

I suppose that's better than the opposite...

It's April.

How the fuck did it get to be fucking April already???

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to mrs_sweetpeach

Happy happy birthday and may you have an excellent year full of love, art and hot men!

Best. Celebrity. Gossip. Ever.

Lupita Nyong'o might be dating K'naan... *flails*

That would make me happier than I can express.

If it's true, she better not hurt my baby.

Oh, wait, he better not hurt my baby.

Whatever. They would be a beautiful, talented, really smart couple.

A trip down memory lane...

kame_ftw contacted me and requested this fic, which is very old and somewhat bizarre. I must have been in my parody phase. Anyway, here it is, complete with its original header! (And I'm attempting to fulfill other, older fic requests...)

The Valar Must Be CrazyCollapse )


Finding stuff and feeling nostalgic

At the beginning of winterCollapse )But that's not what I'm here to talk about.

Reading old fic...Collapse )

Still, it was fun revisiting that time in my life, when I had so much going on online, and I had time to write because I was transiting all over the city to work and back, and I stayed up late at night writing fic and interacting with people all over the world after my kids went to sleep.

Large SighCollapse )

But at least I can post the requested fic.

If you have a fic request, make it and be patient. It may be for a fic that I have found, and if it is I'll try to post it.


This month in weird medical news...

Did you know you could get a tumor in your heart, and that it could be attached by a sort of thread so that when your heart beats it kind of bounces around in the upper chamber, and then ever 10 or 20 beats it gets sucked down into the ventricle?

NOT ME. My father's wife. She had open-heart surgery last week (after it getting cancelled and rescheduled for 5 days later, then having a couple of strokes the next day so the surgery happened 3 days after it was first scheduled...) and they think they got all the tumor out. They're waiting for the pathology report to figure out what the heck it was - 25 years doing this sort of surgery and the doctor's never seen anything like it.

Today she got a pacemaker put in, after that being scheduled and delayed 3 times. I'm going to see her on the week-end. (I would have been to see her earlier, but I drove all the way to London and back on the day the surgery was supposed to happen because I didn't think my father should be alone while waiting to hear what was happening with his wife's open-heart surgery, which didn't happen, and all the stress and driving while stressed triggered my thing in my neck where the muscle gets tight and pinches the nerve... which is appropriate, because my dad can get on my nerves and I don't even like his wife, but that's not what we talk about when she's recovering from open-heart surgery, right?)

One week you're find and healthy and working and jolly, and the next you've got a cracked chest and interior electronics. Makes ya think, doesn't it?